What is Pint Aid ?

In a Nutshell

The easiest and most rewarding way for you to support good causes


To foster and reward an engaged community of people committed to social change


To be the most trusted, honest and rewarding platform for giving in Ireland


We connect critical causes with donors, local businesses and corporate brands
We organise incentivised crowdfunding campaigns for those causes
90% of Donations goes directly to the cause : 10% is used to cover vital costs
Our App gives Donors control, influence, transparency and access to rewards


Who is Pint Aid for ?


We make it easier for you to give to good causes - that matter most to you - and reward you for your awesomeness


  • User Control
  • Exclusive Events
  • Useful Rewards
  • Engaged Activism
  • Easy & in your Pocket


Pint Aid helps community-led, transparent causes to organise and run fundraising campaigns, online and offline


  • Donor Acquisition
  • Donor Retention
  • Increased Reach
  • Genuine Engagement
  • Strategy & Support


Our campaign partners help to amplify our message and impact, through employee engagement and organisational support


  • User Control
  • Exclusive Events
  • Useful Rewards
  • Engaged Activism
  • Easy & in your Pocket


Reward Partners support the donor reward scheme and gain tangible engagement and free marketing opportunities


  • User Control
  • Exclusive Events
  • Useful Rewards
  • Engaged Activism
  • Easy & in your Pocket

Who’s behind Pint Aid ?

Fez Fernandez

Founder / CEO

Pint Aid was conceived and founded by Tony “Fez” Fernandez. After a period of intense personal loss Fez had a desk flip movement and quit his job as a Director of an IT Consultancy. Fez’s hope was to establish an organisation that promoted empathy and gave critical community causes a fairer crack at the whip from both a fundraising and publicity perspective, thus Pint Aid was born in 2015.

An eternal optimist and adoring father, Fez has finally found his calling within the fundraising sector.

He holds a BSc, Dip Pr, Dip PM and is currently obtaining two separate diplomas in Fundraising and Philanthropy respectively.

Meet the Team

Adele Biggs

Communications and Events Manager

Proud stepmama, godmama, dogmama and partner-in-crime to a magnificent man-with-a-plan. Happiest when in the water, the garden or on a jetplane. Global wanderer, amateur blogger, nail-biter and poor but passionate dancefloor queen. Give me a red pen and some bad grammar and I’m in my element. Home is where you make it and there’s no place quite like here.

Cillian McSweeney

Social Media Manager

Here is space for each of the blurbs from the Pint Aid Team members. Here is space for each of the blurbs from the Pint Aid Team members. Here is space for each of the blurbs from the Pint Aid Team members

Nick O’Laoire

Brand Manager

Half English, half Irish, half man, half woman, bisexual, raving feminist loon. I love Pint Aid because it focuses on culture shift, mass empowerment, incentives and positives. Bosh.

Case Studies

Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH)

ICHH are a voluntary organisation providing a seven day outreach service which includes access to beds, sleeping bags, food and or case management referral. Pint Aid’s inaugural fundraising campaign raised €5040 for ICHH. We kicked things off with our launch night/ Fundraiser for ICHH in Generator Hostel in Smithfield Square. Over 150 people attended this event and on the night itself we raised just under €1500. At the event we had a number of guest speakers who actively campaign for Dublin’s homeless community including; Aisling Hedderman – North Dublin Bay Housing Crisis Community Erica Fleming - #SideBySide Dr Austin O’ Carroll – Mountjoy St Medical Practice Anthony Flynn – ICHH As part of the campaign we secured to radio interviews with Dublin City FM and then with 2FM on the Nicky Byrne Show


The total number of donations received equated to 1008 pints (€5/pint) donated by the Irish public to our campaign.

Lessons Learned

Fundraising is really hard! Seriously though, this was a real eye opener for us on how difficult it is to campaign for charities, especially when it comes to messaging and building a social media campaign.

Rory Gallagher’s Wish To Walk

Rory Gallagher is 5 year old boy (4 at the time of our campaign) who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when he was eight months old. His family was informed that he would never walk and that he would be non-verbal. Rory’s family was fundraising €80K to cover the cost of pioneering surgery in St Louis, Missouri that would enable Rory to walk for the first time. As part of a National campaign that involved Dublin Fire Brigade, Katie Taylor and Carl Frampton, Pint Aid ran a 30 day campaign entitled #One4Rory. Our focus , as with all of our campaign was to encourage people to have one less drink and pass the price of a pint on to young Rory instead.


Our campaign raised €1360 which equates to 272 pints donated.

Lessons Learned

While we were delighted that Rory and his family achieved their fundraising goal our own contribution was smaller than we would have hoped. While we have lofty ambition for our app we needed a stronger social media following in order to garner national coverage and ultimately donations.

Multiple Sclerosis Ireland

For the month of November, Pint Aid teamed up with MS Ireland to raise much needed funds for the MS Care facility in Rathgar. This facility provides respite to individuals across the country who have MS. Our campaign was entitled #Oneess4MS and we teamed up with Fade Street Social who kindly donated €5 to our campaign for every customer bill in excess of €100 that they received during November. We also organised a Twitter Q&A through the MS Ireland account to answers any question on MS, associated treatments and strategies to live a full life with MS. Our campaign culminated with a charity auction in the Tap House bar in Ranelagh. Lots for the auction were kindly donated by FunkedUp Fixies, Devon Toner (Leinster & Ireland Rugby Player), Druids Glen Golf Course and Fade Street Social.


The campaign raised €4340 (or 868 pints donated) for MS Ireland. These monies allowed MS Ireland to complete critical refurbishments to the care centre and gardens.

Lessons Learned

Securing the partnership with Fade Street Social was a real coup for Pint Aid. There are so many wonderful generous Irish venues out there looking to support worthwhile causes. Partnering with FSS gave exposed us to a key demographic and boosted both our social media reach and event attendance.

Pieta House : preventing suicide & self-harm

For December, Pint Aid was honoured to partner with Pieta House for our Christmas fundraising campaign entitled #BetterWithPieta. Pieta House provides a free therapeutic approach for people who are in suicidal distress. Pieta House Ambassador; Jack McGrath (Leinster & Ireland Rugby Player) fronted our campaign and helped us to drive donations from younger donor demographics. TonedFit Gym in Howth generously donated €1800 to the campaign from a fundraiser they ran as part of their Christmas Party.


This December campaign raised €5750 (or 1150 Pints donated). For every €1000 received Pieta House can provide a comprehensive treatment programme for someone who is in suicidal distress.

Lessons Learned

Jack McGraths involvement delivered a huge shot in the arm to our donations. Again working with a respected local business increased our reach and allowed us to speak directly to potential Donors at their Christmas event.

Olivia’s Special Horses

January’s fundraising campaign was for OSH, who provide equine therapy to children with emotional, cognitive and physical disabilities. OSH required funding for the construction of a hoist and support for the children to get on the horse in a safe and dignified fashion.


Our campaign was entitled #Dosh4Osh and during a notoriously difficult period for fundraising, we still manged to generate €1380 (or 276 Pints donated) to OSH.

Lessons Learned

We had hoped that our newly launched subscription service would have delivered a larger donation boost for the campaign, unfortunately not! The truth is that while people are full of great intentions, no one has any money in January. This was our first and last January campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Soooo… Are you guys a charity?

No, Pint Aid is not a registered charity. We design and implement fundraising campaigns for charities and causes. We have a limited company solution in place.

So if you’re not a charity… What is it that you do?!

Pretty much everything on behalf of charities! We offer a comprehensive range of fundraising services, with a focus on working primarily with smaller, grassroots organisations who often don’t have the resources needed to further boost their fundraising activities. We also provide marketing and advertising services to local businesses through our Rewards Scheme, and CSR and Event Management services to corporate clients.

Okay. So you’re not a charity, you work with charities. You must need to make money to cover your costs?

It’s true, we do. We have a full team working a full schedule producing content and running campaigns. In order to pay the rent, Pint Aid deducts 10% from donations. We also charge charities a small monthly subscription to use our services and corporate clients to use our outsourced CSR & Event Management Service.

How long do you work with each charity for?

We try to work with each charity fo rat least a 3 month period. All of our current contracts are until December 31st 2017.

What % of each pint I donate actually get to the charity?

90% of the donation goes to the intended cause. Roughly 5% is deducted by Stripe and 5% is deducted to cover Pint Aid operating costs.

How does Pint Aid select the charities that it works with?

We reach out to some, and some reach out to us. We are Dublin-based and so to date, most of our Charity Partners have also been operating primarily in the Dublin area. Moving forward, we aim to have at least one international charity, one national charity and an individual cause on the platform at any one time.

If I want my cause to become a Pint Aid Charity Partner, do we have to be registered as a charity to receive funding?

Yes, for the most part, but there are some exceptions. We like to work with registered charities as this helps us to maintain transparency for our donors and Rewards Partners. That said, we aim to work with at least one individual cause (e.g. Victory for Vincent) through our platform at any given time. All organisations that we fundraise for are assessed against our selection criteria before we partner with them. If you want to take a look, just get in touch!

I want to be a donor! How will I earn my rewards?!

Upon making a donation using the Pint Aid apps, you will receive an automatically generated code. You then produce that code instore or online with the Rewards Partner(s) we’re working with and next thing you know, you’re picking up some sweet goodies in thanks for your support!

How long are the rewards valid for?

This depends on the value of your donation. For donations up to €10, the rewards are valid for six days. Donations in excess of €10 are typically valid for up to 30 days.